Month: April 2014

2014 Harvest – The challenges continue

Phillip Jonker writes: “2014 is a spinner. Few things make sense. Vineyard block records and history is of little value and we have to constantly think on our feet. Late blocks ripen early and earlier blocks later. The Cabernet is

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Harvest time in Uganda

The nuns from Uganda who learned the craft of wine-making at Weltevrede Jonker Family Estate, have just completed their eighth harvest, making “fresh, natural” altar wine for their congregations. In 2006 four nuns from the south west of Uganda, were

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We’re glad for all your feedback

Recently, we received a positive review from Francois Opperman via SafariNow when he visited our Weltevrede Jonker Family Estate. What a pleasure it was to have Francois here and to share ‘Ons Huisie’ with him. The feedback that we received was

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